Alice in Wonderland

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We had so much fun celebrating Lucy's birthday with her little friends! She loves Alice in Wonderland right now, it's one of the only movies that she will sit all the way through. SO it was only fair to dress her up as Alice and have a Mad Tea Party for her birthday this year! We ate lots of sugar, played "ring around the rosies", swung on swings, and the ducks at the park even made an appearance! Lucy crawled under the fence to get them when they ran away! Ha! It was such a simple, and fun little get together.


  1. What a sweet birthday party! Lucy looked absolutely adorable in her dress! Glad to hear it was an amazing day:)

    XO - Sarah

  2. love the theme! how fitting for little lucy :)

  3. Every time I visit your site, the photography and videography make my jaw drop! It's so so sweet that Lucy loves Alice in Wonderland! She looks so precious in her little apron!! I was actually obsessed with aprons when I was little; I wanted to live in "the Laura Ingalls Wilder" days haha. Those sweets look to die for as well!

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed



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