|| Lucy's Dress: Alice & Ames || Lucy's Shoes: Zuzii ||

My days are a constant revolving table of simple stay-at-home-mom life, or boss lady wanting to take over the world with creative projects! Seriously, that's my life in a nutshell. Right now I'm in "Mom-Mode" full force, and it's absolutely wonderful. I'm trying to live more intentionally, putting more meaning into every single thing I do. Sometimes I feel like I get caught up in the motions, and a week flies by like a snap of a finger! It feels so good to slow down for a second, and enjoy every second of this simple yet crazy chapter of motherhood.

PS. Lucy turns TWO next month! Say whaaaaaat....

Photography: Jalene Taylor


  1. Lucy looks like a mini Cinderella in that blue dress :]

  2. So precious x


  3. These photos are the sweetest! Being a mom really is the best thing ever! I try to find joy in each day and spend quality time with my 2 year old daughter as well. :) It just helps me to slow down and enjoy my time with her more.

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  4. What?! She turns TWO next month?! That can't be! I could've sworn you guys just had her one year party with tiny party hats! :(



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