Little Lady

This week it hit me that Lucy isn't much of a baby anymore. Can you say #notsolittlelucydevine? Haha! I'm a little sad that her tiny stage has come and gone, but I am so proud of the little lady that she has become! So independent and friendly.  It takes us ten minutes to leave grandma's house, because she has to give each of her cousins a little kiss! She must get that from Brad's Mom (you'll giggle if you know Gladys, because she kisses everyone who walks through her front door). Lucy folds her arms when we pray, and "Thank you" has become one of her favorite phrases. We caught her singing to Daniel Tiger, and I'm seriously impressed because she doesn't know that many words! She's obsessed with babies but is still learning the concept of being soft haha! Luckily all the babies in our house are plastic right now. ;) I say this with every stage, but this 'little lady' stage (18 mo.) is seriously the best.

Last week in Japan, I had her in the ergo carrier all day and I feel like it taught her to appreciate a good cuddle! I have been in heaven as we have returned home, because all she wants to do is snug. We snuggled for a solid fifteen minutes yesterday, as her tiny hand tickled up and down my arm. It was a moment I will treasure forever. I'm constantly reminded that it is the simple things in life that bring that solid happiness.

PS -- I'm running a giveaway for one of these beautiful quilts on my instagram!


  1. So sweet! My oldest is 23mo! Every stage is my favorite but this is by far the most fun ;-)

  2. My little girl is 21 months so I can totally relate! It is such a fun stage, but I can't believe she isn't my baby anymore. :)

  3. That is beautiful.

    I can't wait to have moments like these when I decide to have a little one. She's absolutely gorgeous, and sounds it, too. :)

  4. She looks like she is in such a fun phase!! You two are both adorable!

    xo Angela
    One Contessa

  5. Such a lovely little girl and those blankets are sooooo gorgeous! :)

  6. I'm IN LOVE with Lucy's little room! I definitely need that in my house someday xo



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