Rain or Shine: Cinque Terre, Italy

^^ I spy Brad! ^^

|| Camera bag: Jototes ||

People keep saying "Too bad Lucy is too young to remember your trip", but I'm so happy to know that Brad and I will never forget it. Such sweet memories exploring with our little family! I also feel like even though she won't remember these experiences, they will still shape who she grows up to be.  She's was such a great sport and so patient rolling with all the unexpected punches when traveling. It rained hard core and I think it was Lucy's highlight of the whole trip -- She splashed in EVERY puddle, and laughed her head off! She would have jumped into the sea if I let her. (Scary) She also kept kissing us non-stop!? I've never seen her so happy before! She's always teaching me and helping me gain new perspective, because I know that if she wasn't with us I would have been super bummed  and frustrated about the weather... But the rainstorm was a huge highlight of our trip because of her happy little perspecitve. We were all soggy at the end of the day, but couldn't have been happier.


  1. So so beautiful! We went there a few years ago, but it was all fogged in! So want to go back!

  2. It's so fun that you guys are going to have all these little videos for her to watch. Even if she can't remember everything she can go back and watch what it was like! So cool :)

  3. Hailey! Where did you get your cute coat from?! I'm in love with that color and shape of that coat! Blessings to you and your sweet family! Sounds like an amazing trip, and your video was awesome!!

  4. Such a beautiful and fun city!! One of my all-time favorite places to travel.

  5. I agree with you in that while she may not remember it will shape who she is ! She will learn about beauty and be patient and so much more! I hadn't really thought about that either as one could be truely disappointed in the rain and yet it turned out to be such a lovely day for your family. Only through the eyes of a child. They see as God does!



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