Boogie Nights!

We had so much fun at the 11th Annual Haugen Halloween Party! I'm dressed as the "Two Headed Woman" and Brad is "The Worlds Strongest Man" -- I can't even recognize Brad in his costume, its so freaky haha. My family goes all out for this party every year, and I think that is why Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's a time to get together and just act completely ridiculous. I'm shocked that my parents still let us do this at their house, because we make such a mess! But in my opinion it's completely worth it. ;)

Watch the video's we created for parties in the past:
Werewolfy - Attack of Giant Spiders - Revenge of the Snarf - Les Mum - Creature from the Black Lagoon


  1. Oh wow, haha. You look great! And so does Brad.

  2. Okay, that ankle balloon butt game thing looks amazing.

  3. Lovely party and I so love following you, but it's totally not cool that someone at your party did black face for their costume. That's 100% not okay and very racist.



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