Postcards From Norway

|| Photo cards: Tiny Prints ||

I wanted to do something special for my Poppy after spending time with our family in Norway. It was such a sweet trip, and I'm really sad that he couldn't be there with us. He's constantly telling norwegian childhood stories, or trying to call his sister who still lives there (Often in the middle of the night because of the time difference.. Oops!). He doesn't see on a lot of pictures that I put online, so I sparked the idea to create some homemade postcards! (Tiny Prints is awesome, by the way.) I feel like everything in this digital world is just so FAST -- Photos are uploaded, liked.. Then lost in a feed. It was so refreshing to hold a tangible photo, and gift it! I loved watching my grandpa's face light up as he opened the mailbox: "That's my sister!"


  1. love how you animated the multiple photos so it moved! such a great idea

  2. I am probably just an idiot, but where on tinyprints can you print postcards? I think that's an awesome idea but I just can't figure out where...

  3. WAY sweet! heading to norway this week so even more excited! xoxo



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