All Together, Now.

^^ HAHAHHAHAA The life of being the only brother! ^^
^^ Our last picture we've had all together was when I was 13... I'm so thankful for this updated one haha ^^
^^ Just being stupid, as usual. hahah ^^
^^ My Mom and her sisters take a picture in this pose whenever they are all together, so we had to poke fun at it! Trev's face is the best Hahaha ^^
^^ The Duck Tub and Let's Play Ground were a HIT. ^^
^^ Of course everyone went out and took cool star pictures AFTER I went to bed! FOMO. ^^

[Just a few more pics from our "unplugged" weekend at the cabin!]


  1. Love these photos! Do you by chance remember what lens was being used when they were taken? :)

    1. Yes! A 50mm 1.2, and a 17-40mm for the night shots. :)

  2. You can feel the love from your sibling photos! And those star pictures are magical!!

  3. Those night shots are amazing! And where is your shirt from? I love it!



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