Not Your Typical Powell Trip

My cousins invited us to come party with them in Lake Powell - so we cleared our schedules to go down for the weekend! We waited until it was late afternoon to embark on our drive, thinking that Lucy would sleep the whole way there [she is so good at sleeping in the car]. My cousin Amy rode down with us, and the first couple hours were really smooth.. Except Lucy was not going to sleep! She wasn't acting like herself, just being super whiney. We were in the middle of no where, when she started crying and crying! I thought she would cry herself to sleep [We're all about letting her "cry it out"], but then she started VOMITING!! AH! I scrambled trying to find something to catch it in, as Brad pulled the car over [poor Amy was sitting next to the pukey baby]. She stopped by the time I found a cup to catch it in, so she was such a mess. Poor little baby. Thinking back on it makes me want to cry!  We were still about an hour and a half away from Lake Powell, so we got her cleaned up and continued our trek. That last hour and a half was soooo longggg. But we made it!! We thought, "Oh we are here, we can finally get comfortable and get some sleep!" - I think Lucy literally slept for 2 hours that night hahaha it was awful! And she was acting all panicked like she was claustrophobic on the house boat?? So around 5am we tip toed over all my sleeping cousins, and went for a little walk. The views almost made up for the awful night. ;) Poor Lucy was burning up, even after giving her tylenol. Its moments like these that really terrify me. Like, I'm not qualified to be a parent! But I'm thankful to have Brad by my side, I don't know what I'd do without his patience and help with her.  The weekend went on, and Lucy was such a good sport for being sick! She was extra cuddly and sweet with everyone. It rained, but it was actually really cool. The thunder was shaking the house boat! Brad went out in it, and when he came back in it looked like he had fallen in the lake -- completely drenched!! I loved spending time with my cousins, and just being lazy in our jammies. We watched "Whats Up Doc?" and laughed our heads off, and Lucy finally started feeling a little better. I have a hard time when life throws curve balls, but I'm learning to stay optimistic when things like this happen! It's funny how going through something touch, always makes me reflect on all of my blessings.

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