You and Me

^^ This selfie failure was weirdly one of my favorites. ^^
 Watch: Arvo || Shirt: Forever 21

Here we are, you and me. 
Still 'photo date'-ing like when we were eighteen.
You make me sweeter & I make you stronger.
When you are away, my heart always grows fonder.
My darling, how fast the years have flown by,
I'm still shocked that we are parents, and that is no lie.
You have taught me British phrases like, "Well I Never!"
& Three years later, you are still my absolute most favorite human... Ever.
Happy Anniversary, my love.

I stumbled upon one of our wedding videos that I never shared online! How awesome is that narration by my father-in-law? Ha! Or mini Brad with an accent. My goodness! (Heart eyes)


  1. Oh cutest video ever! Happy anniversary!!

  2. a million heart eyes all around.

  3. Can we just talk about how cute that video is?! You guys are the absolute best! P.S. Love that cute bob hair cut you had!

  4. you guys are the absolute cutest. congrats on 3 years!!

  5. You two are the cutest couple ever! Love your watch <3


  6. this is the cutest! and your "fist picture" totally reminds me of the 1982 Annie when she does that same face and pose! haha! but seriously, that little english accent is darling!

  7. Oh this is just the cutest video, Hailey! You were both such cute little kids! Also, I'm really loving the 500 Days of Summer feel. :)

  8. How very 500 Days of Summer-esque, but with a much better ending! This makes me determined to take more videos of my daughter.

  9. happy anniversary for you guys!

  10. Happy Anniversary! Love you both and your beautiful little Lucy. Congratulations on your first three years!

  11. This is seriously so cute, I can't even take it. I don't even know where you begin to have the creativity that you have but hats off to you and your crew. I love your blog and I love your photos/videos. Take care,


  12. I love your Wedding Videos they are super Cute :-)



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