Piper and Scoot

I am so thrilled to partner with my favorite online boutique Piper and Scoot for this video collaboration! In my opinion, everything on their site is swoon worthy. The outfits in this video just went live today, so hustle over before everything sells out (which they usually do)!

Funny story: Prior to this shoot, I went to Piper and Scoot (I love when I accidentally rhyme hehe) to pick up these outfits. I got out of the car, and started slipping on the ice and caught myself thinking 'Man, that was a close call...' then suddenly, BAM! I was flat on my back seeing stars -- I don't think I've ever landed on my tailbone so hard before! I started to cry hahah and crawled the rest of the way to the doorstep. Kylee, my friend and owner of P&S, was shocked to answer the door to me just laying there! Hahah! Now I'm seriously wondering if I should invest in one of those Life Alert buttons ;) That. Hurt. So. Bad.


  1. Omg! This is darling. This is like commercial worthy. Also, sorry about your fall.



  2. I loved this vid!! You are adorable. :)

  3. i love you
    i love piper and scoot
    and i love your redesign!

    so basically you're killin it.

  4. The video is gorgeous. I agree with Mila, it is so commercial worthy.

  5. please take a photo shoot with your new life alert button ;)



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