The Haugen's Hit Hawaii

^^ My Mom raved about this place and it actually lived up to its expectation! ^^
^^ Trev showing off his mustache he'd been growing for two whole weeks HA! ^^
^^ Brad with his iPad -- errr.. iPhone 6+ ^^
 ^^ My oldest "little" sister Heather - We laugh how I always look like her husband when we take photos! Haha! ^^
 ^^ Bad idea much? ^^
^^ Lucy was in heaven with all the attention of being the only kid on the trip!^^
^^Brad and I took turns swimming/watching sleepin' Lucy while the rest of the crew went ziplining^^
Trev offered to take some birthday pics for me ;) 

One thing you probably already know is that my family takes WAY too many pictures. When we get together its like the paparazzi -- I'm not kidding! So you better believe that this was the most documented family vacation in the history of ever haha -- We haven't taken a trip together since I was twelve, so it really was so special to spend really close time with my parents and siblings. We laughed our heads off and all left the trip a little sunkissed -- even little Lucy had tan lines in her rolls! Ha! It was a trip for the books. :)


  1. hawaii is my absolute favorite place to be! the weather is so mild and temperate! also loving the pics of cute lil' lucy!

    xoxo hails.

  2. Lucy is seriously the cutest! I love all her smiles! You guys are such a great family and the trip looks like it was amazing :)

  3. What an amazing trip!! I love that you took so many photos :) Lucy is adorable!

  4. where's your suit from in the top few pictures? it's super cute!

  5. where's your suit from in the top few pictures? it's super cute!

  6. Love Kauai!! May I ask where your floral suit is from? I love it!!



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