When in Rome...

We spent this last week in Italy! Brad got sent for a filming project, and the company invited Lucy and I to come along. :) It felt weird not to be working and having a camera in my hand, but I guess I had a different job cut out for me this trip. Ha! We were able to do and see so much, and Lucy did surprisingly well with the whole jetlag thing. Our first day in Rome we went to the colosseum and it was incredible. I cannot believe people actually fought to the death in there... I think I've gotten a little more sensitive with that stuff after having a baby haha! It really was quite the experience though.


  1. I love how you're still traveling with sweet Lucy! Totally shows everyone that you can still do the same things as before, before you added your the family. The picture turned out lovely, like always!

  2. I love your wedding ring. It's so beautiful!! What kind of stone is it?

  3. that is so fun you & lucy got invited along on the trip! & i definitely got more sensitive after having our baby, but it gets better! at least a little bit :)

  4. how amazing that lucy is already being exposed to different cultures at such a young age! and the fact that you were able to go for your husbands work, even better :)

  5. You are the cutest. Just *the* cutest.



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