The Sistine Chapel

Academy Mortgage knows how to treat their peeps... We had a private tour of the Sistine Chapel! If I didn't have Lucy strapped to me, I would have laid there in the middle of the floor. It was pretty unbelievable to be able to sit in there, and appreciate such historic art! This was a couple hours after our flight.. Hence, Lucy was thrilled to be there -- Hahahah! Also, Brad thought it was called the Sixteen Chapels... I will never stop teasing him about that one.


  1. Gorgeous!! The Sixteen Chapels = hilarious!

  2. what an amazing experience! i WISH we would have done a private was insanely crowded and we weren't allowed to take photos. but, it was still gorgeous none the less :)

  3. so gorgeous!! me and my sister are headed to europe in a couple months and this is making me SO excited!



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