Chile Pt. 2: Santiago

Santiago was such a treat walking around with my sister in law, mother in law, new uncle, and of course Brad. We had a funny moment when we were standing in line by the street to get some ice cream. Some fair skinned Chilean boys hollered in stupid voices at us, something like "Hello Gringo!" And Brad was quick to turn around and say (In spanish of course) "Uhh... Look at you, you guys are whiter than us!" Hahah they were not expecting him to speak spanish, and both of their faces turned bright red! I was laughing so hard - We don't mess around, around here.

Chile Pt. 1

For months I had begged Brad that we need to get down to Chile - Right now seemed like the perfect timing since we don't have kids yet and his grandparents that I've been dying to meet are starting to get pretty old. In December we took the leap and purchased the tickets and I am so thankful that we did! Brad's Mom and Sister Natalie jumped on the train and purchased tickets to accompany us as well. :) We went down to the southern part of Chile and explored some new beaches for a couple days - it was absolutely breath taking! It was my first time seeing the ocean in South America and it didn't fall short of stunning. The water was so crystal blue, topped with what looked like miniature colorful boats dotting out to the horizon. It was so nice to get into the SUNSHINE - My poor little pale body was jumping for joy just to suck in a few rays! Brad's cousin Paulita and I had a blast snapping photos walking alongside the beach, as Brad played fetch with some of his new doggy pals.

We visited the little town of Dichato where the tsunami in 2010 occurred, and that was quite the humbling experience. Seeing giant boats crashed up upon the shore, crumbled streets, and houses that were completely taken out. I was impressed to see how quickly they had picked themselves up after something so devastating with new construction going on, but you could tell there was still a lot of work to do. Brad spoke with a lady who was there when the tsunami took place and it was crazy to hear about it first hand. I cannot even fathom it! Having everything taken from you in an instant, and having to start all over again - I will forever admire that lady's strength.

I feel so blessed to have been able to travel down to Chile - To see and experience where Brad served his LDS mission, to meet and spend time with his crazy fun Chilean family... Blessed is the only word I can think of to describe it. It has been such an adventure and I cannot wait to share more - video coming soon!

To the Market

This Little Piggy went to the Market...

To me, there is nothing more fun than exploring markets when traveling to foreign countries. When the vendors saw my blonde hair walk by, they would shout "Hello! Hello Miss!" and any other word they knew in English - I think I surprised them when I responded in Spanish, haha! Chile has been such a treat so far, especially getting to know all the family down here. They have had open arms to us and we have felt so much love! We are all staying in Brad's grandparents itty bitty apartment (Gladys, Natalie, Brad and I) and its funny to see us all squish in here! If you could only see how Brad and I slept last night... trying to fit on this little mat on the floor - We laughed our heads off! I know these are memories we will never forget. :)

Also, today Brad and I are celebrating 10 months! Hurrah!

Hello Apparel

I am ecstatic to be teaming up with Hello Apparel today for a giveaway! Not only is this the coziest thing I've ever worn, but how cute is the lettering on the front!? I die. And the best part is, is that we are randomly selecting a Something Devine follower to take home a Hello Apparel sweatshirt of their own.




This Husband of Mine

Today is a special day, I'm going to introduce my husband Brad!
To get you more acquainted, I thought I'd share some fun/random facts. :)

He is the most 'huggy' person you'll ever meet.
There is no such thing as a hand shake to this one.

He can cook one mean egg.
I used to brag about my egg cooking abilities, until he put me to shame.

He can do an awesome Scotsman impression.
Granted he's English, but it never fails to make me laugh my head off. 

He's good at ...Stuff.
Brad's the type that can pick up anything and be pretty good at it, 
it makes me so mad sometimes. Especially with card games!

And last, he's SUCH an amazing dancer.
 I mean just check out his worm....

Just kidding.


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