Life Size Painting

Driving through the Cotswolds is like driving through a life size painting.
We got so many awful looks this day. We held up traffic by trying to turn around on this tiny road (eight point turn anybody?) and ended it off by hitting the gas and running over this huge boulder - BAM! We definitely did not belong in this quite town.

We also gave Brad's Uncle John & Auntie Jean a visit! It was so cool for me to finally meet them. First thing John said to us as we stepped into his house was, "I hope you like dogs, because mines about to be all over you like a rash!" Hahah! I love English humor, I could go on and on. We ate crumpets and looked at old photographs, as they told us some hilarious stories we had never heard before! It was time well spent. Now I'm kicking myself for not documenting it better ;)


  1. Such pretty pictures! I love those moments. Just laughing away when things go unplanned. haha!

  2. so beautiful. oh goodness, that driving sounds just like me.
    glad you got to visit some family!


  3. oh my goodness i would love to go to the cotswolds!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  4. We were in Bury St. Edmunds (in England) last year and I absolutely ADORE the small English villages. Love the pics, the's true, JUST like a "Life Size Painting." Fab!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog. gorgeous photos. We have a holiday cottage in the cotswolds (to get away from London at weekends). It is such a lovely place, so glad you enjoyed your trip.

  6. going through your europe photos makes me miss slash appreciate the time i spent there last summer. It is truly something else and even better than my imagination.

    Hailey i love your blog. stalker alert. you've just got such a joyful youth and you seem to just exude happiness. it's blog that this that keep me blogging, you're so authentic. And not to mention your photography is incredible. Do you use VSCO? i'd love to know how you get such incredible colors/moods if you have a sec i'd love to know! (



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