Greetings From Japan

We had an awesome first day in Japan!
I have to share my highlights before hitting the pillow tonight:
1. We shopped in some of the most original places - check out that wig mannequin!
2. I saw some of the biggest billboards. Covered in everything anime, of course.
3. Met a dog wearing pink tennis shoes. Yes, he had four of them. I died.
4. Found the funniest candy... Little faces?? These are the best!
5. Watched a crowd form around Brad as he filmed with the Phantom & GoPro.
Then shortly after watched him get rat out by an angry cop.
6. Got asked to be in a picture with these school girls. Those red bows are killing me!

Tomorrow is our official big work day. Wish us luck!

PS. I got my lovely peplum top at Winsome Jones - they have really cute modest stuff!


  1. looks amazing, i'd love to go to japan someday!

  2. THAT CORGI! I can't even.

    Pink tennis shoes.

  3. dying here.
    who knew you could feel homesickness for a place you haven't been in years.

    can't wait to see more of your trip!

  4. so fun! haha i love their faces watching him use the cams. so intrigued, it's too bad the cop made him stop!

  5. The girls look like they came from Sailor Moon!

  6. you are just the cutest - HAVE A BLAST IN JAPAN! sooo exciting! cant wait to see what comes of it

  7. AH! It looks so fun! I love the people watching your hubby, especially the guy leaning down! What a crack up! And the girls that wanted a picture, how cute! Have a wwwwonderdul trip!

  8. My cute missionary is in Japan! Tell him hello for me;) Looks like so much fun!

  9. Hahaha this looks like so much fun! I love that they asked you to be in a picture with them!

  10. Man, I would be SO happy surrounded by that much colour!

  11. japan is my favorite place in the world! i am green with envy because you, marsa, and my other friend erika are ALL IN JAPAN right now! and i'm not ): haha i miss it so much. please have extra fun for me, because it is really my second home there!

  12. Love following along your journey! You are making me miss Japan!! Adorable pictures :) Come home now so we can hang out! Haha

  13. I got asked to take a picture with a group of school kids as well! Gosh, I am so jealous - I miss Japan!

  14. Hope you are having so much fun! I love the photos you have taken. Stay safe and bring home fun memories.

    Love, Richelle from Lynn + Lou

  15. so cute. i'm very jealous of your adventures! adore all the pictures.

    xo. mila.



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