Oh, Mr. Jeep

I feel weirdly sentimental about Brad's little turquoise Jeep. I remember sitting in the back seat of it in my early high school days... Actually, the first day I met Brad! Riding up to go snowboarding, making movies with it, and even kissing in the backseat ...heh heh!
It has been good to us.

I thought we were going to have to give it up, because it really started to break down on us this summer. Thinking we would have to say goodbye, we went a snapped a couple photos of it.

But guess what!? We took it to a different repair shop for a second opinion, 
(Yes, I know I sound like a mother taking her baby to the doctor's office)
and they said the repair is going to be simpler (and cheaper) than we thought! 
We don't have to say goodbye to it after all.

Welcome back home, little buddy.

Chasing the Birds

Brad and I witnessed the most magnificent thing yesterday. We were driving to the grocery store to buy some pie ingredients, when we saw all these shimmering dots dancing in the sky. We pulled over, and couldn't believe our eyes! We were questioning what it was... Was it litter being kicked up in the wind so beautifully? Was it a million little bugs? We drove closer to get a better look, when we realized it was birds. People were stopping on the highway, and hopping out of their cars to watch these little birds perform in the sky. It was almost humorous how well they synchronized to our M83 music we had playing in our car. It was so inspiring to watch! The way their wings shimmered in the sunshine,  and how they followed one another so perfectly, making giant shapes up in the air.

Our typical Thanksgiving turned into an exciting afternoon of 
"Chasing the Birds"

This year, I am thankful for the little things in life... the things that simply make me smile.

Bora Bora

This past week I had the opportunity to film on one of the beautiful islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora! I feel like I've always seen magazine pictures of Bora Bora and thought it was a place I would never get to go to. When our boat pulled up to the resort I may have shed a tear or two, the view really was that breath taking!

 I stayed in one of these over water bungalows and I was shocked that every single worker knew me by name. I don't know how they do it! I got passed by several house-keepers my first morning, and was blown away how each of them greeted me by saying, "Good morning Mrs. Deveen". Granted, they mispronounced my name but I was still so impressed with how they knew that! It was great filming/hanging out with people from all around the world (Sweden, UK, Hungary, Korea, China, & Australia...) I learned some new things, like how to count to ten in Korean, and how to really dance 
Gangnam Style. 

Password: gangnamstyle
As you can tell I had a little too much fun with this... I couldn't help myself, he looks exactly like him!

But overall, its good to be home - I missed this husband of mine way too much.

Take a lookie at the condensed version of the video I produced here:

A Home Video

Camping with the Haugen's 1993-1996. Yes, I am that little blondie!

Two Years

I still perfectly remember the feeling of not being able to sleep the night before, in disbelief that the two years had come and gone. The boy that seemed like he only existed in a photograph or a letter was real and I would have him in my arms in less that 24 hours! Its crazy how quick and how absolutely slow a year can go by. When really its the same amount of time every year. I think back to the night we were saying goodbye and I felt like my whole world was going to crumble. How two years seemed like forever and now I feel like we have never been apart!
I will never forget the feeling of overwhelming excitement that took over my body that day, as I made eye contact with his handsome face as he came down those escalators! The whole thing was so surreal, especially the moment he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. We had a couple nervous/awkward moments, but I was surprised how quick things clicked back into place with us. How not weird things were! I guess it makes sense how we got engaged exactly one month later... Heh heh... We've had so many experiences this past year together (it's gone way too fast), and I am so excited for the years to come!

The Laundromat

We had a surprisingly good time at the laundromat the other night. We tossed our clothes in... Waited for them to wash... Waited some more... Then I got the idea, "Brad could you fit in one of those dryers over there?" The second he got his body wedged inside the machine, he started flipping around! I about died! Then of course I had to hop in and take it for a whirl...

The best part is that there was anther stranger in there with us.
She probably thought we were nuts.

And on our way out we left a little gift behind for the next user...


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