Norwegian Celebration

On Christmas Eve we showed up to my Grandpa's Norwegian Christmas party, awkwardly the same time as the guy playing Santa (You know us, we cannot be on time to a family function). We started walking up the driveway, had some small talk with Sandy Claus (he knew Brad's family! What a small world), and went inside to the party... We were visiting, and seeing how cute all the little kids look in their Norwegian costumes... When suddenly, Santa breaks through the front door! The littles went from being so happy, to being completely traumatized. I stood there in the mix of it all, laughing to myself. 

Oh, the joy of the holidays. 

I love that my Grandparents have carried down the Norwegian traditions. We have a big dinner every Christmas Eve, and all 38 of us crowd around a giant table to sing christmas carols, eat mutton, korve, surcal, and my most favorite... Rice pudding!

Poppy Per throws a shaved almond into the big bowl of rice pudding, mixes it up, and whoever finds it in their bowl, wins the giant chocolate santa! 
Of course, he passes out mini chocolate Santa's to everyone else, so they don't feel bad.

My cute little niece Nina won the chocolate Santa this year, and boy was she excited. 

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