The Laundromat

We had a surprisingly good time at the laundromat the other night. We tossed our clothes in... Waited for them to wash... Waited some more... Then I got the idea, "Brad could you fit in one of those dryers over there?" The second he got his body wedged inside the machine, he started flipping around! I about died! Then of course I had to hop in and take it for a whirl...

The best part is that there was anther stranger in there with us.
She probably thought we were nuts.

And on our way out we left a little gift behind for the next user...


  1. I almost wish I didn't buy a washer & dryer. This looks too fun.

  2. oh my heck, you two are too good.

  3. this is h i l a r i o u s. you guys are fantastic! lovely blog here! glad to have found it :]



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