Bora Bora

This past week I had the opportunity to film on one of the beautiful islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora! I feel like I've always seen magazine pictures of Bora Bora and thought it was a place I would never get to go to. When our boat pulled up to the resort I may have shed a tear or two, the view really was that breath taking!

 I stayed in one of these over water bungalows and I was shocked that every single worker knew me by name. I don't know how they do it! I got passed by several house-keepers my first morning, and was blown away how each of them greeted me by saying, "Good morning Mrs. Deveen". Granted, they mispronounced my name but I was still so impressed with how they knew that! It was great filming/hanging out with people from all around the world (Sweden, UK, Hungary, Korea, China, & Australia...) I learned some new things, like how to count to ten in Korean, and how to really dance 
Gangnam Style. 

Password: gangnamstyle
As you can tell I had a little too much fun with this... I couldn't help myself, he looks exactly like him!

But overall, its good to be home - I missed this husband of mine way too much.

Take a lookie at the condensed version of the video I produced here:


  1. HAILEY! i am dying over that gangnam style video, dyyyying.

  2. are you kidding me!? your life! (: and the video is freaking amazing

  3. Hey! So what exactly is your job?! Did you go to college to learn all of your amazing skills? You are such an inspiration to me! Thank you!!

    1. Andrea! I film all sorts of events - This was for a network marketing company. They send all the top sellers on a vacation, and send me to document their adventure. :) Thanks for following! xo

    2. That is so neat!! My sisters kind of sort of creep on you a little but we love you! Sometimes we find ourselves getting all teared up after watching your awesome videos!I feel like we know you haha! After seeing all of your amazing talents I actually started saving money for a camera(which i will probably have no clue how to use haha) I saw that you had a class to teach people how to do this awesomeness. If you ever do that again I would love to be a part of that!

  4. This is seriously amazing watching all you videos and pictures have truly made me realize what I want to do in college!

  5. This is seriously amazing, watching all you videos and pictures made me finally decide what I want to do in college! thank you



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