Pumpkin Patch

October is my favorite month, it always has been! But I think I especially fell in love with October when Brad came into my life. A lot of our history happened in October - We went on our first date, had our first kiss, I even sent him off on his mission in October! People think I'm crazy when I tell them I enjoy the Halloween season more than any other season, but there's just so much more to it for me now.

Happy October everyone!
Now, go get yourself a pumpkin.


  1. i LOVE your work! you guys are seriously just the cutest couple. your video's are lovely & i love watching them! thanks for being such an inspiration! :)

    -haley hoch

  2. Looks like fun. I LOVE October/Halloween as well.
    And, Brad looks so dang cute in that last pic. Well done!

  3. Hi Hailey,
    I don't know you personally but was reading your blog and it's awesome! you're so creative. I have two questions if I can pick your creative brain for a second. First, how did you put all the pictures together of the pumkin patch so that there is not empty space but just nice borders? Did you use some kind of app/program or something? Also, do you change the coloring on your videos at all?

  4. Hey Brianna!
    Thank you so much! I just put the photos together in photoshop, but when I do that on my phone I use an App called 'Diptic'. And yes, I do slight color correction on my videos as well in Final Cut Pro. ;)

  5. Love these photos! October is one of my favorite months as well.



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