September was a crazy month for me! I filmed in Alaska, Japan & Hungary. Thats the most I've traveled back to back in my entire life! Here's some photos of my adventures...

We flew up to Alaska in the company plane and it was crazy to ride in the copilot seat! I kept falling asleep and then jolting when I would wake up not knowing where I was! Such a scary moment to wake up with a steering wheel in front of you haha! The pilot probably thought I was nuts. As we got closer to our destination I was in awe, it looked like we were seriously flying over Neverland - it was so breathtakingly beautiful.
^^ I was the only girl, filming a bunch of guys fishing (I swear, I do some of the strangest things for work haha) Check out my stylish outfit ^^
 I was filming a fishing scene when we encountered a bear -- it was probably only ten feet away from us! Scariest experience ever because I knew I would be the slowest one in the pack (especially wearing those darn waders and lugging all my equipment) I thought I for sure was going to get eaten. Watch behind the scenes video I created -- what a wild adventure!

Password: bears

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  1. This looks incredible, Alaska looks awesome! hopefully i can go one day :)



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