Join us, in Thailand!

Join us this summer, in THAILAND.
Starting in the heart of Thailand, in the city of Bangkok, we will visit the Grand Palace, The Temple of Reclining Budda, The Flower Market, and Bangkok's Back Canal in a long tailed boat. The rural floating market of Damnern Saduak, is filled with small flat boats loaded with fruit, vegetables and other goods for sale. Your journey commences with a drive through rice paddies and salt fields. This allows an interesting glimpse into local life in Bangkok.

Our journey will lead us to the charming city of Chiang Mai, which remains the principal religious center in northern Thailand and focal point for the construction of temples and monasteries. Be pedaled by a two-seat trishaw, pedaled by a strong driver around the old city area, and try new authentic food. You will pass markets and see the lives of locals who line the busy central road. Be captivated by the charm of the unique architecture, especially at the old temples. Ride elephants through the thick jungle, and visit the Hill Tribe Village at Baan Tong Luang. In this remote village we will lend service to these women, who are well known for wearing neck rings, and learn about daily life in their remote village.

Guatemala Travel Guide

 || Apparel & Swims: Albion Fit ||

If you have trouble seeing the video, watch it here!

Here it is! I'm so thrilled to release this Guatemala Travel Guide, and share Albion Fit's top places (& secrets) to visit! This trip was not only an adventure, but so incredibly inspiring. To be there alongside the owners of Albion Fit (who are an absolute HOOT), and see where so much of their inspiration comes from was seriously so cool. I'm convinced that Guatemala is one of the worlds best kept secrets with it's endless beauty, and welcoming culture. We had the pleasure of meeting the talented Albion Fit team, who make the visions become a reality, and to be honest, it was one of my highlights of the trip! To see the process and hard work that goes into each swimsuit and piece of apparel we had been wearing, was mind blowing. Everything was cut and sewn with such precision and care. If you're in the mood for an inspiring entrepreneur story, you gotta listen to theirs -- you will be blown away! Other than that, my favorite places were the waterfall hot spring (Finea El Paraiso) because it was beautiful and had HOT WATER streaming down the falls! Like, is this real life!? AND the adventure hike we did at 4am to the Tikal Mayan Ruins. Can you believe the sound of those howler monkeys!? They sound like dinosaurs of some sort. It was seriously such a thrill, and so beautiful when the sun came up. No wonder they shot Star Wars there (By the way, have you seen the new one? Call me a geek, but I lovedddd it.). Another one of my highlights was being there with my sister and brother-in-law, they motivated me to get out and exercise and it was actually super fun. We were running through little groups of school kids and trying to not get hit by busses in Antigua! Ha! Working out is something I rarely do on vacation, and I'm making it a must from now on.
A huge thanks again to Albion Fit, for the great time and letting us feel like locals!

Guatemala, I love you!

 || Dress: Albion Fit (coming soon!) ||

This was our first time to travel to Guatemala, and we were blown away by it's wonderful culture and beauty! I'm now going to crave black refried beans forever, and Brad is forever going to be freaked out by the sound of howler monkeys. Ha! Our friend Liz from Albion Fit, who was practically raised in Guatemala, guided us through the country and shared her favorite places with us. My favorite part about traveling, is not necessarily just seeing all the popular tourist spots but really diving deep into the culture -- and that's exactly what we did this trip. We're in the process of editing our Guatemala Travel Guide video, and I'm so excited to share it with you guys! 

Creating a Happy Home

|| Bracelet: Made by Mary || Jumper: Fin and Vince ||

I'm a strong advocate that home is a place where you should be able to feel inspired and happy. Your living space has an influence on how you feel, so it's important to take care of it! The days that I'm feeling overwhelmed and mean (Yes, I can get mean haha) are the days that my house is a mess. I had this lightbulb moment last week when Brad surprised me with a clean house. Walking into a clean house made me feel so happy. It was seriously the best gift. That's when I realized that keeping our home a clean and inspiring place was a priority! So after we put our Christmas decor away, we replaced it with these happy little succulents that bring our home so much color and life. I ran out of traditional pots, so I put some of the plants in random candy dishes etc. and those ones ended up being my favorite. The tiny plant that I put in my grandma's teacup reminds me of her every time I look at it. :) The spot of our house that usually gives me the BLUES in the winter months now brings me so much joy! PS -- We decided to not get a pet altogether for now (thanks for all of your input on here!) so it's nice to have something small that we can take care of as a family. Plants sure make good pets... Kidding! ;)

Making the best of it

We were feeling a bit cooped up today, so we decided to drive downtown to the museum. We got there, only to find out it was CLOSED -- Such a bummer! We got back into the car feeling frustrated (looking back it's so silly), but we quickly reminded each other of our resolution this year to "Make the best of it". SO we swallowed the frustration, and instead of driving back home feeling all mad and stuff... We stopped and got treats down the street from the museum at Corner Bakery instead. It wasn't what we had planned, but we still got out of the house and enjoyed ourselves. Cheers to a year of curve-balls and making the best of it!

Cheeky Little Thing

|| Lucy's Headband: Fancy Free || Lucy's Dress: Zara || Lucy's Tights: June & January ||

Lucy is getting more and more cheeky every day. She wants us to dance to all the Daniel Tiger songs that comes on, and gets mad when you don't stand up and give it your full effort! She started singing to Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, and caught me by surprise with JUSTIN BIEBER singing "Sorrry!" Hahahha! She has also surprised us by going poop on the potty, and applauding after all the hymns at church. She carries the vintage cameras that I collect around the house and says "Picture! Picture!" -- I wonder where she gets that from? Ha! She has also come around to everything pink and girly. She will transform anything into a bracelet, headband, purse, or necklace. There is this round rubber piece that goes to one of our tupper-wares, that we find placed on her head as a headband all the time. She brings so much laughter into my life -- I sure love you, my cheeky little thing.

Lucy's 20 month update


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