Second Baby Bumpdate: Week 18

How Far Along? 18 weeks Weight Gain: Eight pounds Maternity Clothes? Yes! Mainly wearing my regular dresses for now though. Sleep? Sleeping really well in my fortress of pillows! Best moment this week? Going to GA with my Mom and sister Erika to visit my sister Cami! It was so fun to have so many little cousins for Lucy to play with! So many people gave us the craziest looks when we were in public, and then ESPECIALLY looked at us like we were aliens when they noticed that Erika and I are both pregnant! Hahah! Also, my ligament pain has subsided so I'm on cloud nine being able to be on my feet again! Weird pregnancy moment? Had a little scare with spotting and cramping this week, and had to stop into L&D. It took them a couple minutes to find the baby's heartbeat... But they found it! Thank heavens it was nothing too serious. I got to my car and just started crying -- I hate when this stuff happens, especially when Brad is out of town! Movement: Yes! Just anticipating the movements to be big enough for Brad to feel! Food Cravings: CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! I'm going to gain all my weight this week because of it! Haha! Anything making you queasy? Nothing in particular besides the obvious things (garbage cans etc.) but I'm still occasionally queasy in the mornings. Gender: Waiting to find out in the delivery room! What I'm looking forward to: Enjoying some summer sunshine with my little family! I can't wait to live at the pool this summer with Lucy! Why is there nothing better than floating in a pool of water when you're pregnant!?

About Us

We asked you guys on Instagram (@haileydevine) for some questions you'd like us to answer! You guys blew this out of the water with SUCH personal questions that we've never really talked about online before. SO, here goes nothin'!

Alice in Wonderland

|| Cakes & Treats: Sweet Tooth Fairy ||

We had so much fun celebrating Lucy's birthday with her little friends! She loves Alice in Wonderland right now, it's one of the only movies that she will sit all the way through. SO it was only fair to dress her up as Alice and have a Mad Tea Party for her birthday this year! We ate lots of sugar, played "ring around the rosies", swung on swings, and the ducks at the park even made an appearance! Lucy crawled under the fence to get them when they ran away! Ha! It was such a simple, and fun little get together.


Lucy Grace Turns Two

|| Headband: Fancy Free Finery || Jumpsuit: Rags to Raches || Shoes: Zuzii ||

I am in total disbelief that little Lucy turned TWO yesterday! She woke up super early so Brad took her into the spare bedroom to lay with her and watch some cartoons until I woke up (I recognize how good he is to me!). I woke up and walked in singing "Happy Birthday to youuuuu." and she immediately got the biggest smile behind her binky! We looked at the presents and decorations from upstairs, and she anxiously grabbed my hand and galloped down the stairs as Brad continued to sing!  With every present she opened she said in her high pitch voice "What's it gonna beeeeee...?" Hahaha! I could die. In the afternoon we took her to Chicfila (mainly for the playplace) and after we ordered our food we saw that it was under construction! Nooo! Of all days! So what did we do? Grabbed our food to go, and drove to the next closest Chicfila with a playplace. That took some serious dedication. ;) Lucy is the kid who doesn't want to ever come down out of the playplace and I end up having to crawl halfway through to snatch her hahaha! Then for her little family party we got together at this ghetto fun center (that I used to go to as a kid!) and she had a complete hayday riding all the rides with her cousins. We sang happy birthday and she totally knew what to do, I was surprised! When everyone was done singing she confidently stood up, and blew the candle out. Lucy is always so full of surprises -- Everyday I am so proud of her! I'm so thankful that she is mine.

Try Something New

Instead of waking up to go film last Saturday, Brad and I went to learn how to make Stock & Barrel's beautiful leather bags! I love to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. Especially as a couple! It's easy to get caught up in our own routines, and I feel like learning/doing something new always strengthens our relationship for some reason. Plus, trying new things always keeps my creative juices flowing. :) It was so cool to learn everything that goes into crafting these bags (they are SO MUCH WORK!) from cutting the leather, to marketing to the consumer. We laughed our heads off when I was using the huge sledge hammer -- "Look out for the pregnant lady with the hammer!" Hahah! I couldn't be trusted with some of those tools. ;) Businesses like these seriously blow my mind, because they couldn't be more different than ours! Be sure to check out Make + Master for more rad courses like this. I love what they're doing.

Thanks for the video, Jared!


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