DIY: Hot Air Balloon

|| DIY Supplies: Zurchers || Shirt: Piper & Scoot || Shoes: Piper & Scoot ||
We had so much fun hanging out and collaborating with Aspyn and Parker! You never know how people are going to be in real life, when your friendship is solely online -- but it was safe to say that they really are as rad as they are on Youtube! It was super windy outside when Aspyn was holding the all giant balloons and she was like, "I feel like I'm walking six hug dogs on leashes right now!" Hahaha! They made us laugh. Anyway, I know it's obvious but do not really try the DIY... The whole idea is a joke. ;) Here is Aspyn's vlog if you're interested in seeing more about her and behind the scenes of our collaboration!

Treasures I Call My Own

|| Patio Furniture: Walker Edison ||

From the second I learned how to write, I have always had a journal. I have stacks of these little books, and one even from the first grade! It's funny to look back on my little thoughts, and how much my handwriting hasn't changed over the years. Haha! Every page feels like a little treasure.. Filled with stories, cut out pictures, and tickets from foreign cities. I write special things that are only for me, and it's oddly therapeutic to know that whatever is written is safe between those pages... [besides this page I just exposed hehe] I kept telling Brad, "I would love some nice patio furniture to cozy up and write in my journal on." and we finally got this patio set this week! During nap time, I have been escaping to write out there and it has felt so good. Although I have a blog, it will never replace my journal writing. :)

The Pressure of "Lasts"

^^ Brad's not going to have any hair after all these shoulder rides! ^^
^^ This camera bag is my new best friend. ^^
^^ Lucy obsessing over anything "baby" ^^
|| Backpack: Jo Totes ||

There was a lot of pressure for Saturday to be awesome, because it was technically our last Saturday together this summer... But to be honest, it turned out to be anything but awesome. I feel awful admitting this to the world wide web.. But after 8 years of working the videography business, I lost my first camera card. I'm convinced that Lucy either ate it, or there is a mean ghost in my house playing tricks on me! I'm trying to laugh about it now, but I'm still feeling pretty upset. The card had footage from a collaboration I filmed with Aspyn Ovard on it. It was a collaboration I was so excited about, especially because I'm just getting my feet wet on Youtube.

On Thursday when we were filming, we kept switching our cards in and out of the camera so that neither of us had to email the other person footage. I was in a fluster because our time was slim (Brad had to leave for the airport right after the shoot) so I slipped our card in my back pocket. We got back after filming and I had broken that little lock button into the lock position -- AHHG! Why was I not using a case!? Suchhhhh a rookie mistake. So Brad was quickly trying to fix the card in our kitchen before he left.. And then we have NO IDEA what happened to it after that. I thought Brad had it with him on his trip, and he thought he had left it on the kitchen counter with me.. So when he returned on Saturday... That's when we realized neither of us had it. We literally searched EVERY nook and cranny, and flipped our whole house upside down. It was nowhere to be found. So Brad is so cute and took the blame.. He reached out to Aspyn (most embarrassing thing EVER) and she was so sweet to reshoot on Saturday with us. So I quickly put away my cry-face, and it ended up not being as big of a big deal as I thought it would be. AND we also realized that the bulk of my footage was accidentally filmed on her card (Small tender mercies!). We finished reshooting and decided to go up to Craft Lake City to make up for our "Awesome Saturday" hahah -- Besides "that-time-of-the-month" hitting me while we were out and about (of all days, right!?) We really enjoyed the rest of our day walking around and appreciating some local artisans. It felt good to forget about the stress from earlier, and pig out on some french macarons. ;) Now that I have learned my lesson with that stupid card, I am glued to my new camera bag - Hahah! I'm sure we will find that lost phantom card in some stupid place... Like Lucy's diaper ;) ;) ;)

Tiny Teenager

|| Dress: Piper & Scoot || Baby Dress: Nena & Co || Headband: Little Kate Designs ||

I feel like Lucy turned into a teenager this week. I was driving on the freeway, and she started crying pretty hard.. We were literally 5 mins away from our destination (it was the next exit!), when she started dry heaving. Ahg!! I kept trying to talk to her, and calm her as I sped up towards the exit! Then the vomit started flowing in slow motion in my rear-view mirror -- NOOOOOOOO! So I pulled over in a random parking lot, pulled her out and got her all cleaned up. I was on the verge of tears when I got her out of the car, and she was so perfectly happy. Was she faking it!? As I called Brad, she sat on my lap playing with the windshield wipers and laughing her head off. That little stink!! So I went back, and tried to put her back in her car seat... The second I got her in there, she started dry heaving again!! So I quickly got her out and set her down in frustration. She then proceeded to shut the car door with her tiny hands. Then started happily clapping -- "Yayyy!" -- I stood there laughing in disbelief!! I was frustrated and slightly impressed. Either she gets extremely carsick... Or she knows exactly what to do, to get out of that car seat. Either way, I think I'm in for it with this one. ;)

Down by the Banks

|| Sunglasses: Karen Walker || Overalls: Piper & Scoot ||

My favorite thing to do right now, is to ride down to the lake and watch Lucy quack at all the ducks. It is serious entertainment! I honestly don't know how she hasn't gotten nipped by a duck yet, but she throws a fit when I try to pull her away from them! ...And yes, we are the people who bring kitchen utensils to the beach. One day, we will buck up and buy some legit sand toys.

I Hit Record This Time

|| Hat: Anthropologie || Blouse: Piper & Scoot ||

My Twitter friends submitted some questions the other day... And I went to record it of myself [I felt so silly] and I forgot to hit record. Hahaha!! SO I had Brad help me this time. But what did you think? Did I make a fool of myself? Was this completely boring? Ha! There is a first for everything... Right :)


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