Flying with a Baby - What to Pack

|| Diaper Bag: Fawn Design || Baby Wrap: Solly Baby || Baby Sling: Wildbird || Baby Carrier: Ergo|| Diffuser/Nightlight: VP ||

YOU GUYS! You should have seen us when we were filming this video... Hahahah! Lying on the cement while 7 months pregnant is so NOT ideal! Anyway, we get so many questions about traveling with a baby/toddler, so we decided to share our complete packing list when flying with Lucy along with some basic travel advice! We'll be filming a more in-depth Q&A here soon. :)

1) ID/Passport easily accessible (but be careful for pit pockets!). 2) Spare clothes for both parent and baby. 3) Diapers & Wipes (pack a little extra than you need). 4) Diaper Mat. 5) Rash cream. 6) Pajamas (if traveling over night). 7) Plastic Bag for dirty clothes 8) Small Blanket 9) King Size Pillow (we use this tempurpedic pillow. We love it because it smashes down pretty small, and is curved so that Lucy doesn't roll off of our lap). 10) iPad loaded with games and movies. 11) Small Headphones 12) Tylenol & meds for both parent and baby. 13) Small new toys or stickers (we raid cheap stuff from the dollar spot at Target! You can also wrap these new toys up as presents for your little one to open. Kids love to open stuff.) 14) Sippycup or Bottle (we love Munchkin products!) 15) Pacifier and a spare pacifier (have your baby sip on a bottle or suck a pacifier to help their ears during take off and landing). 16) Formula and any liquids you may need. (TSA approves infants to travel with any amount of liquids). 17) Fun snacks (the small pretzels they hand out can be boring to a toddler, or freakishly the perfect choking hazard for a baby).

1) Two outfits per day (depending how messy your baby is). 2) Pajamas. 3) Shoes (at least two pairs unless you lose one). 4) Travel size toiletries, zipped up in a bag. 5) Diapers (you can also purchase at your destination). 6) Extra ziploc/plastic bags. 7) bottle cleaner and travel sized dish soap, zipped in a bag. 8) Sound Machine (great to maintain a familiarity with sounds from home, and great for loud hotels). 9) Diffuser/Nightlight. (Lucy gets stuffy when we travel sometimes, so it's great to use as a humidifier). 10) Weather permitting clothing (Swimsuit, hat, snow clothes, etc...). 11) Baby carriers: Solly Baby, Wildbird, Ergobaby.

1) Take your stroller through security, it's free to check at the gate! I store our king size pillow in the basket below the stroller. 2) It's ideal to find a hotel/BNB that provides a crib. If not, some airlines will check your portable crib for free! Just call ahead and ask. 3) If traveling with a smaller infant, call the airline beforehand and request a basinet seat. This is a great alternative to the king size pillow, HOWEVER -- if there is the slightest turbulence they make you take your baby out of the basinet, which can be frustrating if their sleeping. I prefer the king size pillow because of that reason alone! 4) Rent a carseat abroad, or check it on with your luggage. Most airlines check carseats for free, but call ahead to make sure. 5) Dress as simple as possible! It makes security less of a headache. 6) Wear a watch and set it to the destination time. We try to get Lucy to sleep or stay awake on the flight, depending on the destination time (I'll be sharing more jet-lag tips soon!). 7) Don't be nervous to ask for help, and take full advantage of walking the isles. 8) Show up at the airport 30 mins earlier than needed. There are always bumps and surprises that come along with toting a little one!

Do you have any packing tips for flying with a baby? Please share!

Second Baby Bumpdate: WEEK 27

|| Watch: Arvo || Sunglasses: Free People || Overalls: Similar here ||
How Far Along? 27 weeks Weight Gain: A solid 20 pounds! Maternity Clothes? Yes, but somehow still squeezing into my overalls!? Sleep? Getting pretty uncomfortable... Best moment this week? We've been cooped up pretty sick this week, but yesterday we had a chance to get outside for a bit and Lucy started spraying us with the garden hose! Hahah! I couldn't help but laugh because of how funny SHE thought it was. It wasn't so funny when one of Brad's friends came to buy his laptop and Lucy sprayed her in the face.... SO EMBARRASSING! Sorrrrry! Weird pregnancy moment? Feeling SO SWOLLEN and having Braxton Hicks non-stop now. Movement: Yes! I feel like the baby is doing jumping jacks all day and it hurts! Food Cravings: My cravings have gone down (well for sweets anyway...) and it's felt good to eat some healthier food options. Anything making you queasy? Weird stuff like watching Lucy play with her play-doh makes me lose my appetite hahah Gender: Still predicting a boy... And still pretty stumped on girl names, if it's a girl (we're waiting to find out the gender at delivery!) What I'm looking forward to: Getting a somewhat normal body back after pregnancy...

Second Baby Bumpdate: WEEK 26

|| Dress: Piper & Scoot || Backpack: Bagxi ||

How Far Along? 26 weeks Weight Gain: 20 pounds-ish
 Maternity Clothes? Yes! Sleep? GREAT but I have to have a pillow between my knees. Best moment this week? Boating in our neighborhood, nights with Brad where we're just laughing and being stupid... Also watching my belly grow alongside my sisters! Hugs are getting so hilarious between us! Weird pregnancy moment? Having to pee literally ALL THE TIME. Movement: Yes! It's constant and I love it! Food Cravings: ICE CREAM! I bought a box of ice cream sandwiches for a neighborhood BBQ, and couldn't wait to eat it... I busted it open in the grocery store parking lot hahahha! Anything making you queasy? Red meat, again! Gender: I love not knowing the gender... I had a dream the other night that someone spilled the beans to us, and I was devastated! It would be like someone showing me all my presents before Christmas! I still feel like we're having a boy, but would be just as happy with a little girl. What do you think we're having!?  What I'm looking forward to: Seeing this little baby with cousins the exact same age on both sides of the family! Also, traveling as a family of four... I'm sure it's going to be tricky at first, but it's going to be awesome in the long run. :)


This is my favorite tradition of the whole year -- Following my Dad's crazy idea, and hanging a sixty foot flag across Little Willow Canyon in SLC, UT! I'm laughing so hard over Brad's perspective in this video, especially the drone crashing - hhaa! Happy Fourth of July!
Aerial Footage thanks to my brother Trevor at Haugen Creative & our friend Cam Goold!

Second Baby Bumpdate: Week 25

^^ Thanks Alaska Airlines, for sponsoring our trip! ^^

How Far Along? 25 weeks Weight Gain: I haven't stepped on a scale, but I'm guessing around 15 lbs! Maternity Clothes? Yes! Sleep? I'm on the brink of getting really uncomfortable at night... I'm starting to get big! Best moment this week? Going to Disneyland with our little family! It just gets more and more fun to take Lucy. She literally asks to go every day hahah I hope we haven't created a monster. Another favorite moment is not only feeling the baby kick inside me, but being able to SEE my stomach bulge out when the kicks happen! It's insane! Lucy was sitting on my lap during our Alaska Airlines flight out to CA, and the baby was kicking the crap out of her. Let the sibling rivalry begin! Weird pregnancy moment? Going to Vidcon and getting crazy looks from everyone because I was pregnant. Ha! I was like, has no one here seen a pregnant lady before!? Their eyes would go from my face to my stomach super quick hahahha! I wanted to be like "YES. I'M PREGNANT." Movement: Yes! It's constant! Food Cravings: Sweets! I had the time of my life eating my way through Disneyland... Anything making you queasy? Nope! Gender: I feel like we're having a boy, but I've been having dreams of a girl! We're still undecided on a girl name, so please send requests! What I'm looking forward to: Being HOME for the rest of my pregnancy! I'm so burnt out from these last couple of weeks - haha! Plus, I can't wait to spend some legit one-on-one/no distractions time with Lucy before this babe arrives. It's going to be such an awesome summer!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

^^ We surprised everyone with tuk tuk's to dinner on the last night. It was my shining Oprah moment: "You get a tuk tuk, and you get a tuk tuk!" ^^
 ^^ We love Bagxi! ^^

|| Backpacks: Bagxi || Watches: Arvo || Dresses: Piper & Scoot ||

Traveling with our viewers to Chiang Mai was unforgettable. This was the second half of the trip, and my favorite half! Everyone was better acquainted with each other, and the experiences we shared in Chiang Mai were unlike any other. We visited the long neck tribe, and the villagers were so welcoming to us. We also learned how to cook traditional Thai Food, and I think it was the best food of the whole trip!  BUT My favorite part by far was playing with the elephants in Ran Tong! This rescue camp saves elephants from abusive tourist attractions and situations (the stories they told were absolutely heart wrenching) and give them a better life. Ran Tong is a  place where people can come and not only support a great cause (all proceeds go to purchasing/saving elephants from abusive camps), and they teach you how to properly interact with elephants. Like bathing them, and taking them on walks by riding bare back. There are native volunteers called "Mahoots" who never leave their elephants side. Literally. They get up throughout the night to check on their elephant/feed their elephant. They way they care for their individual elephant reminded me of being a mother to a newborn baby! We got assigned to this Elephant named Bon Yang, and she was such a cuddle bug. I'm not usually one to say stuff like this, but it's like she could sense that I was pregnant or something! She was extra gentle with me. Those elephants truly are the most beautiful and loving creatures. Thanks again to everyone who joined us -- I wish we could go explore together everyday. :) Keep an eye out for our Somewhere Devine announcement for next summer's trip! Where would you like to explore!?


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