Second Baby Bumpdate: WEEK 38

|| Sunglasses: Free People || Necklace: Made by Mary ||

I can't believe that I'm already sharing my last and final bumpdate video! This pregnancy has gone by so fast, but I also feel like I've been pregnant forrrrreverrr. I'm just trying to soak in these last days of being a mother of one. I love the way Lucy is so rough and hyper, yet still naps on my chest -- bump and all! I have a feeling that our world is officially about to get ROCKED with this new arrival! Ah! I'm so nervous, mainly for the delivery situation and also the overall life adjustments (How is Lucy going to react to another baby in the home!?)... But overall I can't contain my excitement -- I'm so ready for this.

Nursery Reveal!

|| Dresser: Walker Edison || Bassinet: Target || Mirror: Target || Cloud Mobile: Target || Llama: Land of Nod || Wallpaper: UO ||

It was a bit tricky to decorate the nursery, since we don't know the gender of our baby yet! We started with a super neutral color palette: White, cream, grey, and gold. Then every piece that we brought in, we evaluated "Would this work for a boy? Would this work for a girl?" -- Then, ta da! It all magically came together. :) I have to give a shout out to Brad for basically putting the room together by himself! ESPECIALLY for the patience of hanging the wallpaper. I just sat on the floor giving direction -"Hmm that piece is a little crooked..." - Hahaha he probably wanted to kill me. ;) Lulu loved to help with the painting and putting the furniture together. We've been trying to involve her as much as possible, and give a lot of positive reinforcement about the new baby. I was surprised that she wasn't upset when we hauled the rocking chair out of her room, and into the nursery! I couldn't be more happy about her excitement. All this "nesting" has been really good for Lucy -- I think it has made the whole idea of "a baby is coming" more real for her!


^^ Lucy is still in her licking stage -- She thinks she's a dog! ^^
 ^^ Lulu having the time of her life with her cousins! ^^

|| Hailey's Dress: ASOS || Lucy's Dress: Wren & James || Lucy's Bows: Free Babes ||

I'm back after taking a little break from Bumpdate videos! Over the weekend, we took Lucy to the fair with her little cousins and stayed up wayyyyy past our bedtime. 9am church the next morning was a doozy, but it was totally worth it. ;)

Focus on the Significant

|| Leather Mat: Gathre || Hat: Gigipip ||

"We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant, and truly see the things that matter most." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

This quote has really stuck with me, knowing that these are the last days of being a family of three! I have such mixed emotions as there are only 50 short days until the due date of our baby. I'm going to really miss the one-on-one time I get to have with Lucy (these bump snuggles are my fave)... And I won't lie, I'm a little scared about it all! BUT I'm ready to bust out of my comfort zone. I'm sure that adding a new addition to our family is going to make things that much sweeter in the long run. :)

Read my feature on Gathre, here!

Portland Travel Guide

^^ Thanks Alaska Airlines for starting our trip out great! ^^
^^ Swimming in the Columbia River! Our Gathre mat was a life saver on that scratchy sand! ^^

^^ Multnomah Falls were beauuutiful, but pretty crowded. The Latourell Falls were our favorite because no one was there, and we could play in them! This drive reminded me a little of The Road to Hana in Maui. It was so lush! ^^
^^ 31 weeks pregnant -- this pregnancy is flyyyying by! This is a sneak peek of new dresses coming to Piper and Scoot... I can't wait to get one in every color! ^^
^^ St. John's Bridge -- Such a pretty place to get our wiggles out! ^^
^^ Portland Japanese Garden -- We're obsessed with anything Japanese, but seriously this garden was out of this world! I seriously felt like I was in Japan with all that foliage. The fish were Lucy's favorite, and she said she wanted to swim with them -- She got real freaked when Brad pretended to throw her in! (watch the video!) ^^
^^ A taste test to find which donut shop we prefer! We think Voodoo is a fun dessert, but we liked Blue Star better! ^^
^^ Our favorite way to see any city -- BIKES! ^^
^^ Salt & Straw is seriously the best ice cream I've ever tried -- PLUS all the waffle cones are made fresh at the counter too. I'm dying to go back already! Our favorite flavors were Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbon, Carrot Cake Batter, and Coconut Mint Chip Whoopie Pie. ^^

We took our last trip as a family of three (weird!) to PORTLAND! Oregon is such a hidden gem. There is SO much to do and see... From the mountains, to the city, to the coast. We'll definitely be going back again, soon! Here's a travel guide of what to do, eat, and see -- Thanks to all of your recommendations on Instagram! What are your favorite spots around Portland!? Do share!

Thanks to our sponsor, GATHRE!
You can snag one of their beautiful bonded leather mats here.

Flying with a Baby - What to Pack

|| Diaper Bag: Fawn Design || Baby Wrap: Solly Baby || Baby Sling: Wildbird || Baby Carrier: Ergo|| Diffuser/Nightlight: VP ||

YOU GUYS! You should have seen us when we were filming this video... Hahahah! Lying on the cement while 7 months pregnant is so NOT ideal! Anyway, we get so many questions about traveling with a baby/toddler, so we decided to share our complete packing list when flying with Lucy along with some basic travel advice! We'll be filming a more in-depth Q&A here soon. :)

1) ID/Passport easily accessible (but be careful for pit pockets!). 2) Spare clothes for both parent and baby. 3) Diapers & Wipes (pack a little extra than you need). 4) Diaper Mat. 5) Rash cream. 6) Pajamas (if traveling over night). 7) Plastic Bag for dirty clothes 8) Small Blanket 9) King Size Pillow (we use this tempurpedic pillow. We love it because it smashes down pretty small, and is curved so that Lucy doesn't roll off of our lap). 10) iPad loaded with games and movies. 11) Small Headphones 12) Tylenol & meds for both parent and baby. 13) Small new toys or stickers (we raid cheap stuff from the dollar spot at Target! You can also wrap these new toys up as presents for your little one to open. Kids love to open stuff.) 14) Sippycup or Bottle (we love Munchkin products!) 15) Pacifier and a spare pacifier (have your baby sip on a bottle or suck a pacifier to help their ears during take off and landing). 16) Formula and any liquids you may need. (TSA approves infants to travel with any amount of liquids). 17) Fun snacks (the small pretzels they hand out can be boring to a toddler, or freakishly the perfect choking hazard for a baby).

1) Two outfits per day (depending how messy your baby is). 2) Pajamas. 3) Shoes (at least two pairs unless you lose one). 4) Travel size toiletries, zipped up in a bag. 5) Diapers (you can also purchase at your destination). 6) Extra ziploc/plastic bags. 7) bottle cleaner and travel sized dish soap, zipped in a bag. 8) Sound Machine (great to maintain a familiarity with sounds from home, and great for loud hotels). 9) Diffuser/Nightlight. (Lucy gets stuffy when we travel sometimes, so it's great to use as a humidifier). 10) Weather permitting clothing (Swimsuit, hat, snow clothes, etc...). 11) Baby carriers: Solly Baby, Wildbird, Ergobaby.

1) Take your stroller through security, it's free to check at the gate! I store our king size pillow in the basket below the stroller. 2) It's ideal to find a hotel/BNB that provides a crib. If not, some airlines will check your portable crib for free! Just call ahead and ask. 3) If traveling with a smaller infant, call the airline beforehand and request a basinet seat. This is a great alternative to the king size pillow, HOWEVER -- if there is the slightest turbulence they make you take your baby out of the basinet, which can be frustrating if their sleeping. I prefer the king size pillow because of that reason alone! 4) Rent a carseat abroad, or check it on with your luggage. Most airlines check carseats for free, but call ahead to make sure. 5) Dress as simple as possible! It makes security less of a headache. 6) Wear a watch and set it to the destination time. We try to get Lucy to sleep or stay awake on the flight, depending on the destination time (I'll be sharing more jet-lag tips soon!). 7) Don't be nervous to ask for help, and take full advantage of walking the isles. 8) Show up at the airport 30 mins earlier than needed. There are always bumps and surprises that come along with toting a little one!

Do you have any packing tips for flying with a baby? Please share!


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