Cruisin' Around JAPAN!

|| Top: Piper & Scoot || Sunglasses: Karen Walker ||

Japan was seriously magical. Everyday was full of so many surprises and so much adventure! It was so cool to share it all with Brad, Trevor (my brother) and little Lucy. We found some pretty awesome places along the way and I thought that I'd share them with you... In Kyoto we visited the Bamboo Forest and the Torii Gates. They were so different from each other, but equally incredible. In Tokyo we visited The Robot Restaurant, Harajuku, The Monster Cafe, The Skytree (from the street), The Sensoji Temple, Hotchko Crossing (Shibuya), Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea -- & I would highly recommend it ALL! Our last day we found rental bikes that have different spots you can drop them throughout the city and they were ELECTRIC! So every time you started peddling up-hill you felt SUPER HUMAN! It was so funny and seriously awesome.

Little Lady

This week it hit me that Lucy isn't much of a baby anymore. Can you say #notsolittlelucydevine? Haha! I'm a little sad that her tiny stage has come and gone, but I am so proud of the little lady that she has become! So independent and friendly.  It takes us ten minutes to leave grandma's house, because she has to give each of her cousins a little kiss! She must get that from Brad's Mom (you'll giggle if you know Gladys, because she kisses everyone who walks through her front door). Lucy folds her arms when we pray, and "Thank you" has become one of her favorite phrases. We caught her singing to Daniel Tiger, and I'm seriously impressed because she doesn't know that many words! She's obsessed with babies but is still learning the concept of being soft haha! Luckily all the babies in our house are plastic right now. ;) I say this with every stage, but this 'little lady' stage (18 mo.) is seriously the best.

Last week in Japan, I had her in the ergo carrier all day and I feel like it taught her to appreciate a good cuddle! I have been in heaven as we have returned home, because all she wants to do is snug. We snuggled for a solid fifteen minutes yesterday, as her tiny hand tickled up and down my arm. It was a moment I will treasure forever. I'm constantly reminded that it is the simple things in life that bring that solid happiness.

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Bamboo Forest

|| Top: Piper & Scoot ||

We rented some bikes, strapped Lucy to my back and went on our way to the bamboo forrest! When we entered the forrest my jaw completely dropped. I could feel Lucy leaning back in her ergo carrier to look up! It's stuff like this that puts me in complete awe over God's beautiful creations.

Wonderful You

|| Diaper Bag: Jujube ||

I've been thinking a lot about this lately. The slippery slope of your self worth when you're comparing yourself with others. Especially in the whirlwind of social media, and the numbers that feel like they define your worth. I wanted to make a little video for Lucy, so that she knows how wonderful she is -- But as I started making this video for her, I realized that it was a message for all of you as well. NOTHING is defined by money, outward appearance, or numbers on a screen - especially your self worth. YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL -- never forget it.


Halloween in Japan

|| Sippy Cup: Munchkin || Owl Night Light: Munchkin || Fruit Toys: Munchkin ||

I had the time of my life dressing Lucy and I in partnered costumes this halloween! I knew that I wanted to do something asian inspired because we would be spending the holiday here in Japan. I quickly remembered that I had this Harajuku Girl outfit from the Alt Summit party I co-hosted last winter, so I HAD to dress Lucy as Hello Kitty! The local's reactions were priceless as we walked by, we definitely got some pictures snapped from strangers! Lucy coincidentally learned how to say pumpkin on Halloween - "pumpkie" - and I seriously DIE every time she says it! She also loved walking on her tippy toes in this costume and it was hilarious. I'm thankful that she kept her Hello Kitty ears on long enough to enjoy the costume. Why is it that the cutest age for babies to wear costumes is the age where they hate having anything on their head!? Haha - Anyway, she was such a good sport to run around and be silly with me. I will never forget that we got to dress up in Japan together! It was definitely one for the books.

Hello Osaka!

|| Top: Piper & Scoot || Diaper Bag: Jujube || Watch: Arvo ||

I completely under estimated Osaka. I thought nothing could compare to Tokyo, but this place is pretty incredible! From the beautiful Osaka Castle to the flashy city on the water (Dotonbori), Osaka really is pretty cool. Brad desperately needed a haircut so he took a risk and walked into some random barber shop! It was so awesome to see him sitting amongst all of these old guys getting their trims  - haha!! The second the barber took the razor to the side of his head I thought 'OH NO!' because at first it looked like he was creating a bowl cut... BUT he completely redeemed himself! Thank heavens. I didn't want to relive the time I accidentally buzzed Brad's head bald. (Yes, this really happened.) One of the many reasons why I love Japan: The culture is so enthusiastic and happy! Like over the top, happy. Lucy and I got surrounded by a group of squealing school girls because of our blonde hair! They went crazy when Lucy started blowing kisses. This would never happen anywhere else in the world, I swear. They find happiness out of the smallest simplest things.


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