Second Baby Bumpdate: Week 23

^^ So awesome to be here with so many of our viewers! ^^
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It has been a crazzzzzy week being here with so many of our viewers, and new friends! We've gone to so many beautiful temples, shopped floating markets, learned to cook traditional thai food, taught a video workshop, played with the children in the mercy center, and swam with elephants at the Ran-Tong rescue center. Everyday has been jam packed with adventure. I can't wait to share more, but for now... Here is a quick bump date. :)

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The Road to Hana

Here are our top 3 favorite stops that we did on the road to Hana! It was a rainy day, but seriously still so beautiful. Hiking through the bamboo forest was such an adventure -- we were ankles deep in mud, bending under trees, and crossing rivers... It was such a different experience than our other days we spent on the beach! I loved it. (This is Hailey BTW) I was being so extra careful on the slippery hikes while carrying Lucy and being pregnant (Brad had all the camera equipment) , and did great! Then later I was playing on the side of the road while holding Lucy, and totally fell right on my butt! Luckily no harm was done, but it was a lesson that you can never be too careful! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video and have a chance to stop at these places if you ever go to Maui!

We head out for Thailand this weekend for our first official Somewhere Devine trip and we are so excited! Follow along our adventure on instagram: @haileydevine & @bradleydevine

We will be announcing our next trip soon, and would love for you to join us!

Second Baby Bumpdate: Week 22

^^ Brad's sister Natalie and I! So exited for another set of winner cousins to come in October. ;) This new baby is so lucky to get a cousins the exact same age on both sides of the family -- My sister Erika is expecting in October too! ^^
^^ The Maui crew! Wish we had the whole Devine clan with us -- We missed you Ang, Brent, Spen & Nato! ^^
^^ Lucy going "fissin" with her little stick ^^

How Far Along? 22 weeks Weight Gain: 12 pounds! Maternity Clothes? Yes! But somehow still fitting in my normal swimsuits. I'm loving this one piece from Albion Fit. Sleep? Sleeping great! Best moment this week? I have a few best moments! We got our ultrasound, and the tech kept the gender a secret (yay!) so that was a relief. It was so cool to see the baby's little lips sucking, and fingers wiggling. All is well with all of the measurements etc -- so that was such great news. Another moment that made me laugh this week was when I was rocking ("rock-a-baby") and singing Lucy to sleep and she said "Mama, microphone!" as she put her stuffed bunny's ear up to my mouth - hahaha! And then of course, another great moment was going on a last minute trip to Maui with Brad's family using our sky miles! Yolo, right!?  Weird pregnancy moment? Hiking through the bamboo forest and being EXTRA careful to not slip and fall (I fell with my prior pregnancy and had to go on bedrest), and then OF COURSE... I randomly slipped on some moss on the side of the road while holding Lucy and slipped on my back! Ahg! I was so mad at myself! However, I've been feeling great after the fall -- So thats a blessing! Also, I'm lactating already so we'd be playing games with the family and my shirt would suddenly be all soggy.... Uhhh! Movement: Yes! It's getting stronger and stronger -- But Brad is still the only one who has been able to feel it.  Food Cravings: Ululani's Shave Ice! I ate a million while we were in Maui -- the winning combo of Melona, Mango, and Coconut. Brad named it the "Melangonut"! Also, I'm currently craving banana bread... So I purposely let our bananas go brown. ;) Anything making you queasy? Nope! Gender: If you ask Lucy, she says we are having a boy! Can't wait to find out in the delivery room! What I'm looking forward to: We take off for Thailand with our readers (YOU GUYS!) this weekend! I'm feeling thankful that I'm feeling so well in this pregnancy so that I can fully be myself on the trip. It's going to be unforgettable! I can't wait to meet and travel with you guys!

Aloha from Maui

Aloha from Maui! We successfully did our first binky-free flight with Lucy (high fives!) and she was such a champ! We got to our layover in Seattle and she was so excited saying "We're here! Let's go to the beach!" Hahahha little did she know we still had a very long way to go... Brad and I looked at eachother like, "Who is going to break the news to her?"

Our only slight regret from our honeymoon in Maui was that we didn't rent a convertible so we decided to just go for it this time! Especially because we have a second baby coming so soon. SO we picked up our rental, and totally didn't think about how much luggage we had!! There was a crowd watching us puzzle a sleeping baby, a pregnant chick, and all our luggage into that car -- I'm seriously still in shock how we managed to make it work!? Hahahaha we were so beyond smushed in there! And poor Lucy was in fleece pajamas in the 80 degree weather -- and she still somehow slept through all the chaos!

We had the next morning to ourselves (my in-laws went on an excursion) so we went to The Gazebo for breakfast and got our food to go! That was he best advice, because we have stood in that line for an hour before. Plus it was so fun to sit on the beach and eat. :) Lucy didn't care about the food, and just kept pulling us to get in the water! Ha! So we went and found a spot down by the water and she sat and played in the sand while we were getting our stuff all situated and this sweet man started to holler at us, pointing at the water! We seriously had turned our backs for TWO SECONDS and she was out there waist deep! I seriously still feel sick about it, and am forever thankful for the sweet man to grab our attention! 

We went swimming and Lulu had the time of her life. We got her a puddle jumper floaty, and she swam back and forth from me and Brad for easily an hour. At one point, I looked over and there was a huge shadow next to me and it freaked me out!! It was a three foot big turtle! It was seriously massive. So that was our own little exciting excursion for the day. ;)

On Tues morning (yesterday) we rounded everyone up at 4am to drive up to Haleakala for the sunrise! Haleakala is a giant crater above the clouds at 10,000 feet elevation! It was one of my favorite memories from our honeymoon and still one of the prettiest things I've ever seen in my life. I felt so bad because Natalie (Brad's sister) who is expecting around the same time as me, got so motion sick and threw up a few times on the way up... AND we barely missed the sunrise by about ten minutes! I felt so bad because the whole thing was my idea and plan! But it was still so gorgeous to see the sunrise above the clouds on our drive, and once we got up there we just had to laugh about it. Lucy is obsessed with her little cousin Rosie who is six months younger, and it has been so fun to watch them run around with each other! Rosie runs and squeals while Lucy chases and tickles her (we're teaching Lucy to not push when she gets excited haha)! We laugh about how they have the exact same curly top hair-do, just salt and pepper version. :) We are thinking of doing The Road to Hana tomorrow... Wish us luck with so many weak stomachs haha!! I'll take any and all advice that you guys have. :)

Second Baby Bumpdate: Week 20

INTRODUCING: The rounder, cozier, inflated version of Hailey Devine! ;)
How Far Along? 20 weeks Weight Gain: I don't want to know! I've eaten chocolate chip cookies every night for a week now.... Maternity Clothes? I officially can't fit into my regular clothes now. Sleep? Sleeping super well! Best moment this week? Brad feeling the baby kick for the first time! And watching Brad teach Lucy how to skateboard was hilarious. She's been asking him to go skateboarding every day this week. Weird pregnancy moment? Not fitting into ANY of my clothes! It's so strange to see your own body change so dramatically. It really is such a miracle to be able to carry a tiny human inside... Every time I feel down about how "big" I'm feeling, I'm shifting perspective to embrace this new rounder version of myself... Because it really is such a blessing. Movement: Yes! Especially at night! Food Cravings: Anything sweet, which is so weird because I usually have a major "salt tooth". Anything making you queasy? Nope! Gender: I'm actually feeling like we are having a boy... I just found out that my sister Erika (who is due two weeks after me) is having a boy, and Brad's sister Natalie (who is due one week after me) is having a girl! It's awesome that we have a 100% chance of having the same gender as one of them! What I'm looking forward to: Our big ultrasound appointment in the morning! I'm anxious to see our little bean bounce around, and the reassurance that all the growth/heartbeat is going well.

Videography FAQ

This week we are answering all your questions about Videography, Blogging, and Social Media in general! 


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