Friends and Food Trucks

|| Sunglasses: Karen Walker || Shirt: Piper & Scoot || Shoes: Piper & Scoot || Lucy's Dress: Kira Kids ||

On Monday, we had a joint "Family Night" with a bunch of our friends. We went to a park that was filled with food trucks and got some pizza! We were sitting on the ground eating and Lucy stepped RIGHT in the middle of my friends plate of pizza! Hahahah a big ol shoe print right in the middle. Sorry, Kit! It started to get dark, so we went and put our babies down.. and watched the finale of the Bachelorette [Can you believe that Sean won!? I'm happy, but still in disbelief.] while the boys went and played Spike Ball. I love that I can put Lucy down anywhere [like our friends houses] and she will sleep! We flipped on the lights to go in and take her home, and she was peacefully sleeping with her little bum in the air! Hahah stink bug, angel baby.

Successful Family Pics: with Babies

^^ We had to get a pic in the sweet rental car -- Hahah so staged!! ^^
^^ Chaos trying to get all the kids together for a "Grammy Pic" ^^
|| Sunglasses: Karen Walker || Dress: Piper & Scoot || Lucy's Shoes: Zappos ||

Utah is so beautiful right now. Every time we go into the mountains, I am in awe that this is practically in our backyard! All Brad's Mom wanted for her birthday was a picture with her grandkids, so we made it happen. We tried not to make it a big production, and we didn't tell the kids that the purpose of going up to the mountains was to take a picture. They had all eaten dinner and just woke up from naps when we got up there so it was perfect! We sat them all on a rock, gave them flowers, I shook my bum & made farting noises, and Brad snapped away! BOOM! #success

A Garden Party for the Bride

I peered out my window the morning of this garden party, and was like "Ohhhh crap!" -- Our lawn was covered in weeds and kinda dying.. :\ I quickly ran to the store and picked up some flowers and "gardened" for the first time EVER. Hahaha! Brad and I spent all day trying to spruce up our yard, and I honestly don't know how it came together so well! I laid giant quilts over the yellow patches of grass, and the flowers actually added a really nice pop.

Amber's reaction when she walked up to the party was the cutest!! I wish I would have gotten it on camera - "Guys, I'm going to cry!". It was especially fun to go above and beyond for her bridal shower, because she really didn't expect much. Amber is one of the last of the bunch to get married, in my group of friends -- so the marriage advice was so uplifting and bonding sitting in a big group. We've all known each other for 10+ years, so it feel like a bunch of sisters getting together. Amber, I'm so excited for you and Steve, and I cannot wait to see you as a bride. I love you, friend!

Here is an embarrassing video of Amber and I, when we lived in Bolivia during our service internship.

Oh, and don't forget this one too!

Snow Cones

^^ I know this is out of focus, but Lucy is obsessed with my Dad. ^^
^^ My brother's wife, Veronica! ^^
^^ My sister Heather and my nephew Ben. ^^
^^ Lucy's like, "Get our of our picture, Uncle JJ." Hahahahah ^^

I love when family is all together, it doesn't really matter what we are doing. Except these snow cones were kinda the bomb. ;) We went and watched fireworks after [this was on the fourth of july] and got front row parking because we weaseled our fiat in a tiny spot! [Earlier that day I threw in the towel with driving the fiat on hills. I literally cannot get it up a driveway - so frustrating! Right when I thought I got the hang of manual...] We got to the park and our family took up like 6 blankets hahah I love having a big family. I wasn't sure how Lucy would react to the fireworks because the sound usually scares babies -- BUT she was the complete opposite. She super unimpressed! Hahaha! We ended up leaving early because she was so wiggly, and wanted to play with some strangers dog during the show. That girl. However, we did get to see the whole show, while walking back to the car -- it was a special moment holding Brad's hand while he carried our wiggly little Lucy.

On The West Coast

^^ I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I kept them both hehe ^^
^^ I love coming to Huntington Beach because this is the same "HB" that we put on all of our letters while Brad was on his mission... Now I can't help but read all of these HB's as "Hailey & Brad" ! ^^
 ^^ Brad's darling parents ^^

|| Brad's Hat: Ogden Made || Sunglasses: Free People ||

We bought an HB hat here in a gift shop and Brad left it in a movie theater or something, and lost it. The next time we came to Huntington Beach we went out of our way to buy that same hat. Then we went home and he lost it again. Like a week later! Hahahah it was just not meant to be, I guess.

This evening on the beach was so nice, after spending the whole day at Disneyland -- I love vacations that wear Lucy out, because she has no choice but to sleep on my shoulder. ;) My in-laws Gladys and Terry were with us, and they spoil us to death. Glady carries my bag, and pushes my stroller and says "You two go walk and hold hands!" -- She truly is the most selfless and happy person I've ever met. And then there is Terry who starts talking to random people and telling them jokes. Hahah! I guess he can get away with it, with that british accent. ;) He walked around doing his "muscle walk" and "drunk walk", and I can't help but crack up watching strangers reactions -- sooo many eyebrow lifts. Hahah. We ate at Ruby's on the pier, and note to self: Don't order clam chowder at a burger joint, it wasn't very good. BUT the company we were surrounded with was great. :)

A Disneyland Guide

|| Sunglasses: Free People || Lucy's Shoes: Zappos || Temporary Tattoos: Madelines Box || Diaper Bag: Fawn Design || Stroller: City Mini || Zebra Top: Piper & Scoot ||

Our Disneyland season passes ended this month (so sad!) so we wanted to end it with a bang. We did five days at Disneyland, because when are we ever going to do this again!? I loved it because it was so relaxed... We tried a bunch of new food, and actually sat and watched all the parades. Everytime we take Lucy it just gets better and better -- I love seeing her reactions to everything (even though she was a bit frightened by the characters hahah). I think her favorite things were the Winnie the Pooh ride - "Pooh!" - and the Tikki Room! Disneyland really is twice as magical with a little one. Brad was a good sport letting me follow him around with my camera, and some pictures I posted on instagram got reposted on the "dilfs of disneyland" again.. I was seriously cracking up over the comments. Who are these people!? Hahahha. I was so happy that we were able to go during the 60th celebration because the parade and night show was THE BOMB. When we were waiting for the parade to start Lucy was dancing in the street for everyone, and running up to random kids to pick her up! I can't believe how she has no sense of stranger danger. We gotta keep an eye on that one. ;) 
PS. Yes, We discovered a treat that is better than the Dole Whip.... 

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