Skipping Rocks in Monterosso

|| Blankets: Little Unicorn || Baby Carrier: Ergo Baby || Shoes: Piper & Scoot || Lucy's Shoes: Zuzii ||

Our first evening in Monterosso, we went down to the beach to skip some rocks and Lucy found a shovel! She was in heaven because rocks are her obsession right now. Everywhere we go she wants to pick up rocks and shove them down my shirt!? Haha so this beach couldn't have been more perfect for her. I was also surprised with how comfortable the rocky beach actually was, too! It felt nice to finally have Brad all to myself after he had been working in Rome all week -- He's such a trooper to walk around and film with us right after! Next time we will for sure give ourselves more than two 'play days' after he films a job somewhere. Lucy fell asleep in the carrier as we walked around, and it is my absolute favorite thing. As strange as it sounds, it reminds me of carrying her through my pregnancy. Holding her so close, and carefully taking each step!

Cinque Terre with a Baby

^^ Watch the video to see what she does with this flower - hahah! ^^
^^ Lucy was very popular amongst the tourists ^^
|| Top: Piper & Scoot || Sunglasses: Karen Walker || Polaroid Camera: Urban Outfitters ||

Cinque Terra was incredible! Every town had so much personality and charm. No to mention so much COLOR! It was hard not to snap a picture in front of every boat and wall. The people were so kind, they gave Lucy free snacks at their shops and let her play with their dogs. ;) Lucy got stopped a couple times for pictures with Chinese tourists (haha!!) and we ate some pretty awesome bruschetta. Here is a recap home video of our adventure! More real videos coming SOON.

Birthday Jams

^^ Tiny cousins exploring Italy! ^^
|| Top: Piper & Scoot || Sunglasses: Karen Walker ||

Guys! I'm twenty five!! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!? I still feel like I'm 17, haha. Anyway, I spent my birthday in Rome with my sister-in-law Veronica! We explored the city and chased our babies around all day. Maybe their considered toddlers now? Maybe I'm in denial. ;) We ate coco gelato and scored some of the best ravioli for dinner. It was too bad that Brad had to film all day, but I'm excited that we are going to Cinque Terra to celebrate after he's done!

1) Gibraltar by Beirut 2) Return To The Moon by EL VY 3) Gone by Jr. Jr. 4) Factory by Band of Horses 5) Shallows by Boats 6) Just One Of The Guys by Jenny Lewis 7) Love Like Ghosts by Lord Huron 8) Make A Fist by Phantogram 9) Riptide by Vance Joy 10) Until the Night Turns by Lord Huron 11) Oh My Love by The Score 12) Hide Away by Daya 13) All I Want by Passion Pit 14) The World Ender by Lord Huron


^^ Inside the colosseum! ^^
^^ Recreating our photo from last year! ^^
 ^^ My brother Trev, who we work with! ^^
|| Backpack: Jotoes || Sunglasses: Karen Walker || Top: Piper & Scoot || Baby Carrier: Ergo Baby || Lucy's Shoes: Zuzii ||

Hello from Rome! I'm writing this in our hotel bathroom while Brad's out filming, and Lucy's sleeping. You know, living the life of luxury over here. ;) Brad has had this work-trip planned to film in Italy for a while now, and last minute he decided to use his sky mile points to have Lucy and I come along! Best birthday present EVER. Seriously, its my birthday on Saturday. ;) We braved the long flight with our 18 month old Lucy, and it actually went a lot smoother than I thought! She slept for 5 of the 8 hours (thanks to the king size pillow we laid across our laps... It was a GAME CHANGER!) and watched Mickey Mouse and Daniel Tiger for pretty much the other 3 hours. I am so proud of her, I could cry! We arrived to Rome and I felt like I was going to DIE. Seriously. I get the worst jet lag when I fly to Europe... I need someone to follow me and flick my eyeballs so I don't fall asleep hahaha. SO we immediately got dressed and went sight seeing! We were making fun of people with selfie sticks (They are EVERYWHERE here!) until we gave in an BOUGHT ONE! Hahahahah Well, it was my brother Trevor who bought it -- but it actually turned out to be way rad?? I'm still laughing over it.

Lucy slept most of the time while walking around which was a HUGE mistake.... I'm pretty sure we only slept for three hours last night because she kept jumping all over Brad and I with a ton of energy "Mommmmy! ... Dadddddy!" Hahah I went and walked her around the pool at 1am hoping she would  konk out... But I looked down and here eyes were wide open -- NOOOO! Hahahha. It's okay though. We didn't plan anything too big for these first few days, because we knew it would take a while for us to adjust to the time. So we ended up wheeling Lucy's crib into the bathroom and letting her cry it out -- she only cried for five minutes, and I was thinking "Why didn't we do this hours ago!?" - I'm just too much of a softy. Anyway, I'm praying that we have a better night sleep tonight! Fingers crossed!

Lucy's First Year

Lucy's official baby book came in the mail this week, and it has been so fun to look back on her first year. Over the past year I have had my friends and family use the hashtag #littlelucydevine when posting pictures of her, so that we could have a little (big) collection of her baby pictures! Chatbooks made the process of making a baby book so effortless, affordable, and it turned out beautiful! It includes pictures & captions that grandma, aunties, and friends have all shared. I love the simplicity of it, with the big pictures that fill each page. Lucy loves it too. It's one of her favorite books now! She points and says, "Bay-bee!" -- If you haven't heard of Chatbooks before, you gotta download the app right now. It's so great to have all of our memories printed, and delivered to our doorstep without even having to think about it.

Thanks, Chatbooks!

Music Makes the Tears Flow

|| Top: Piper & Scoot || Watch: Arvo || Lucy's Shoes: Zuzii ||

There is something magical about the fair. The music, the lights, and all the fried food.... ;) Lucy was ecstatic to see the animals, until the goats got a little too up-close and personal. [watch the video!] She did everything in her power to get away from it & ended up in the splits in her stroller. Hahah!! We rode the carousel and she waved her tiny hand to Brad every time we went around and around.

We kept Lucy up way past her bedtime, and we laughed our heads off over her delirious dance moves. She kept twirling and falling over! Hahah She is so much fun right now. A couple of days later I found myself watching the video of her dancing, and it gave me a completely different reaction: It made me cry. I grew up with country music, and I haven't listened to it in YEARS! It hits so close to home. This music brings a flood of my childhood memories and of my grandparents who were so dear to me. It has been a while since they passed, but I still cry when I talk about them! Their example of living an incredibly happy life with such a simplicity, has impacted me forever. Instead of singing towards the audience when they performed, they would stare into eachothers eyes... Their love for eachother was so apparent. When I see this video of Lucy dancing to this music, it's hard to make words of what I feel. Grateful. Privileged. Happy. I am the bridge between these two generations that will never see each other in this life... But there is no doubt that we will all dance together in the next. God is so good.


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