An English Visitor

|| Jacket: Madewell ||

Our dear friend Louise is visiting from England, and we snapped a couple pictures before slipping inside to dinner, to celebrate her birthday tonight! It's always a party when she comes to town... I swear we all laugh a little harder when Lou is around. :) She has one of those loud contagious laughs, that makes you instantly feel good about yourself! I feel like I'm hilarious when I'm hanging out with Lou.

We probably caused a scene with all the little kids in the nice restaurant. I heard a plate shatter, and I looked over to see Lucy with her head in her hands! Can someone say, GUILTY!? Hahaha. It was so embarrassing. I'm just thankful everyone around us was so kind and patient, including our waiter!

On a separate note... WE FOUND OUR HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! Sadly, I don't have the energy to make it this year (it's the one time of the year that I usually sew...) so most of it is store bought! But I think it's going to be awesome. Our first themed costume as a family of four! Also... I heard that the first week of November is the best time of year to go to Disneyland to avoid crowds. Is that true!? Because the Halloween decor is down, and the Holiday decor isn't put up yet... So I think we are going to take Louise to Disneyland next week! Ahh! I'm excited to be able to ride everything again, now that I'm not pregnant. :)

New Life with Two Kids || Q&A Video

|| Stroller: Uppa Baby || Monitor: Owlet ||

Today we are answering all of your questions from Twitter, about our new life with two kids! I hope you enjoy it!

Big Changes Are Happening...

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Big changes are happening around here... Besides adding a new addition to our family (we love you, Greta!), we are completely rebranding our website from Something Devine to SOMEWHERE DEVINE. As you may know, about a year ago Brad and I decided to change the nature of our business. We opted out of our video production company, Haugen Creative, to start a new business venture. And what a crazy ride it has been! It has been a full year of brainstorming, nailing down this new concept, and putting it all together... I am so thrilled to share it with you all, so soon! It all started when we were traveling internationally for video production work in 2013. We went to 12 countries in 12 months. We shared our behind the scenes content here on the blog, and we had numerous emails come in with questions about travel, videography, and overall just wanting to 'give back'... We thought, "Why don't we open up the opportunity to travel with our readers!?" So we did! Last summer, we partnered with a non-profit organization and opened up applications here on our blog. The trip was for 35 of our readers to join us in Fiji, and the expedition sold out in 48 hours! We were blown away by the response, and our trip to Fiji was one of the most rewarding trips we've ever gone on. To be able to connect with our readers on such a personal level, talk about videography, and aid service to those Fijians... We knew that this was something that we wanted to continue to do. 

We partnered with some amazing trip coordinators earlier this year, and planned our first official Somewhere Devine Expedition to Thailand! We opened up applications for 50 of our readers, and we were even more blown away by the response this second go around. We had over 500 applications submitted within the first 48 hours! We went through every application for the accepting process (it was so difficult!), and our group turned out awesome. We hosted a video workshop, along with touring the city and aiding service at the local mercy center. We made new friends and it was seriously unforgettable. I can't wait to continue traveling with all of you! Moving forward, we are separating the two types of trips into 'Video Mentorships' and 'Service Expeditions', and I'm so excited to announce where we are hosting our 2017 Service Expedition and Video Mentorship! (Be the first to know about our big announcement over at )

The next thing we will be creating content around on our new website, is how HOME can be "Somewhere Devine". You don't have to travel far, to have beautiful and life changing experiences. We will be sharing experiences within the walls of our own home, and exploring our hometown with a new perspective. Which leads me to...

Video Travel Guides! We're kicking off our website with a travel guide of our hometown: SALT LAKE CITY! With all the traveling and questions we've received over the years... We thought, "Why don't we start creating travel guides for each city we visit?" and then we thought a little deeper, "Why don't we find locals in these cities to show us around!?" That way these travel guides are unique, and share local insights that you won't typically find on google or trip advisor. It's going to be a crazy big adventure!

Lastly, I want to thank you for all of your support. I sincerely mean it. We couldn't be where we are today without all of you, so thank you.

Devine Playlist: Fall 2016

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Since I'm unable to edit videos to any song I want these days (Dang you, copyright laws!), I thought I'd share a playlist of some of our favorites right now. To be honest, I had a hard time not putting Alessia Cara for every song in this playlist. ;) I kinda love her! We saw her open for Coldplay this summer, and haven't stopped listening since. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this playlist! What are you currently listening to? I love exchanging music.

1) Up&Up - Freedo Remix by Coldplay 2) Seventeen by Alessia Cara 3) Stand Up by The Prodigy 4) Road Blaster by M83 5) 8 (circle) by Bon Iver 6) Boardwalks - Sonny Alven Remix by Little May 7) m'lover by Kishi Bashi 8) Shaky Ground by Freedom Fry 9) Outlaws by Alessia Cara 10) Sunshine by POWERS 11) Cheap Perfume by Strange Familia 12) Elodie by Ten Fe 13) Love Like Ghosts by Lord Huron 14) Sinking Friendships by Jonsi 15) Hymn For The Weekend - Seeb Remix by Coldplay

Hard Core Parents

|| Dresser: Walker Edison || Greta's Gown: Candy Kirby Designs || Lucy's Dress: Plain Jane ||

We just got Greta's newborn pictures back, and I can't believe how much she has already grown in a week! Although she can't see us yet, she's starting to open her eyes and look around.  I thought she looked a ton like Lucy when she was born, but now she's looking like her own little person. :) On a different note... Brad sold the Fiat and got a new car, the Ford Focus RS, to "fit two kids in the back". I think he just really wanted an excuse for a fast new car. ;) We were driving on the freeway the other night, with the engine revving, weaving through traffic... And we got laughing about how we were listening to Winnie the Pooh on audio books with our girls in the back! Haha! SO HARD CORE.

Photos by Black Bird Photography

"It's okay to feel Happy."

|| Baby Wrap: Solly Baby ||

It has been an exhausting last couple of weeks transitioning to newborn life, and being a mother of two! I literally feel like I'm nursing alllll dayyyy long, and that I'm slurring my speech from lack of sleep. But in all honesty, I wouldn't have life any other way right now. Yeah, it's not perfect and I have my struggles... But I am so incredibly happy. And it feels so good to say that. It has been a while since I have felt confident about expressing my happiness. I think after hearing about so many poor circumstances of those around me... I felt so guilty about feeling happy, and especially insecure about expressing it. When someone would say, "That trip looked so fun!" It became this terrible habit for me to respond with something pessimistic like, "It was fun... BUT it was a lot of hard work and pretty stressful...". I had convinced myself that I didn't deserve to feel happy. And that alone, made me quite miserable! Picking out the bad, instead of the good. But then these quotes landed in my lap, at the perfect timing, and it completely switched my perspective on everything.

"We can feel joy regardless of what is happening or not happening in our lives." and "The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives, and everything to do with the focus of our lives." (You can read the whole talk here.) And then I went to a local conference to support my dear friend Ginger, and she said something so simple that really solidified how I was feeling: "It's okay to feel happy."

It all smacked me in the face like BAM! IT'S OKAY TO FEEL HAPPY! Hahaha! Most of you reading this are probably like, "Duhhh..." But honestly, this has been a huge turning point for me... And I couldn't be happier.


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